Sustainable soil inputs growing better yields.

At Fertify, we create custom fertilizer blends with sustainable ingredients that benefit growers, their soil and the environment.

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An innovation for our future.

  • All in One NPKS pellet 2-8-4 +1S (total 16% P2O5) for conventional and organic use
  • Consistent phosphorous release for the entire season
  • Micronutrients: Ca, S, Si, Mg, Mn, Zn
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Direct application or blended.

Extend your phosphorous release and rebuild your biggest asset, the soil.

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Customer resources and data.

Read about topics and challenges related to crop production, market trends and marketing your own organic crops. Find out where Fertify fits in your operation.

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We believe that being more sustainable in agriculture doesn’t mean sacrificing yields and profitability.

Instead, we focus on sourcing the highest nutritional inputs and proven technologies to create custom fertilizer blends that benefit growers, their soil and the environment. All of this achieved in a cost-effective manner by sourcing locally to optimize our operations and supply chain.

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View information on a wide range of topics and trends in agriculture sourced from decades of peer reviewed research. Topics include managing soil fertility, cultural pest management practices, marketing your organic crops and more...


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